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More Isn’t Always Better

By Bill Roth, Roth IAMS & Alex Bouchard, BEST Consultants Building Science Engineering Inc. A fundamental truth which has come to our attention time and time again is that having consistent and defensible data is vital to an Asset Management (AM) program.  The challenge faced by organizations is always the […]

Determining the Boundaries of Common Property: Implications for Repairs, Maintenance and Alterations

This article was written by Alex Bouchard, P.Eng. and Sat D. Harwood, and originally featured on the BEST Vancouver website. Determining what constitutes common property, limited common property and strata lot property has significant implications for both the repair and maintenance of your condominium, as well as the permissions that […]

Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence

Over the past year, we were given the opportunity to consult on a design project for the Real Time Control Building #3, which is to be built in the northern bank of the Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Alberta. Recently, we learned that the building received a 2012 Award of Excellence […]

What Makes a Complete Depreciation Report

This article was written by Alex Bouchard, P.Eng., and originally featured on the BEST Vancouver website. BEST Consultants is pleased to present its second informative article. In our last edition we discussed important considerations when selecting your service provider. In this edition, we’ll speak about the Depreciation Reports, commonly referred […]

Selecting a Depreciation Report Provider

This article was written by Alex Bouchard, P.Eng., and originally featured on the BEST Vancouver website. Due to the recent changes to the Strata Property Act and the Strata Property Regulations regarding Depreciation Reports, commonly referred to as Contingency Reserve Fund Studies (CRFS), BEST Consultants recognizes that early education about […]

Algo Centre Mall Roof Collapse

On Saturday June 23, 2012, a section of the rooftop parking structure collapsed at the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Since then, details have emerged that this preventable tragedy was likely the result of many years of mismanagement. It was reported by CBC News that the owner opted […]

Faulty Towers

Recently, Martin Gerskup was quoted in the July edition of Toronto Life Magazine in an article titled “Faulty Towers”. The article comments on the current state of the Condominium industry in the city of Toronto. Specifically, surrounding the recent headlines of falling glass, rising maintenance fees, and poor construction standards. […]