Mitchell Gerskup is a Canadian Professional Engineer specializing in the practice of building science and restoration engineering, with a background in structural and building systems engineering. He has spent the last 20 years applying building science principles to the investigation and repair of existing structures, with an emphasis on resolving problems affecting the building envelope.

Mitchell received his Bachelor of Engineering from Ryerson University in 2016 and prior to that studied economics at the University of Toronto, receiving a bachelor’s degree in 2010. Mitchell is currently a Professional Engineer licensed by Professional Engineers Ontario.

In his tenure with BEST Consultants, Mitchell has carried out hundreds of building investigations and condition assessments. He has also been involved in the repair and restoration of dozens of buildings throughout Ontario, including multi-residential, commercial, and institutional structures. He specializes in the production of building condition assessment and reserve fund study reports, involving physical and financial life cycle analysis of building components.

Mitchell is a Partner & Vice President of BEST Consultants, in charge of business operations and managing a multi-disciplinary team of restoration engineers, building scientists, and technologists.

Mitchell has presented courses on Building Condition Assessments, Reserve Fund Studies, and Bidding, Evaluation, Negotiation and Contract Award to the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC. Mitchell has also presented seminars to Toronto-based property management companies on how to conduct reserve fund studies and conduct contract administration services. He has also published an article for the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario on best practices in conducting Reserve Fund Studies.