Recently, Martin Gerskup was quoted in the July edition of Toronto Life Magazine in an article titled “Faulty Towers”. The article comments on the current state of the Condominium industry in the city of Toronto. Specifically, surrounding the recent headlines of falling glass, rising maintenance fees, and poor construction standards.

Global TV conducted a follow up interview with Martin on their News Hour, where reporter Sean O’Shea interviews both Martin Gerskup and Philip Preville (the Toronto Life reporter). You can see the interview below:

These recent headlines reinforce how important Quality Assurance and Control is for both new construction and the restoration of existing construction. Short term cost savings on materials and labour can often translate into longer-term problems, when materials fail prematurely, leaving the owners to foot the repair bill, through assessments or increases to the reserve fund contributions.

For more information on how you can ensure quality control for your condominium development, feel free to contact us. BEST has over 25 years of experience providing expert building and investigative consulting services to the condominium industry in the form of Audits, Reserve Fund Studies, and forensic investigations.